Plastic Machinery Equipment Blister Machine


Plastic Machinery Equipment Blister Machine

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Recently, my country’s manufacturers have been overwhelming, but the types and specifications of blister machines are basically within the same range, and it is technically difficult to compete with imported machines. Most imported plastic production lines are equipped with related auxiliary machines when they are introduced, which in turn increases sales. Reduce a part, so the domestic plastic machinery blister machine equipment market is highly competitive.
Plastic welding machines, plastic mills, ball mills, dryers, feeding equipment and other auxiliary equipment are an important part of the production line of plastic machinery blister machines, which directly affect the production quality and production efficiency of products.
Which is better, blister machine or injection molding machine
With the improvement of the quality of plastic processing products and the improvement of plant automation, the use and demand of plastic auxiliary equipment has received more and more attention. Choosing a suitable auxiliary equipment can not only improve product quality and productivity, but also reduce a lot of investment costs from the perspective of investment.
Analysis of Process Cost of Blister Machine
From the perspective of per capita plastic consumption, it is estimated that by 2010, the per capita consumption of plastic machinery blister equipment in North America will reach 145 kg; the per capita plastic consumption in Western Europe will reach 132 kg; the per capita plastic consumption in Latin America will reach 31 kg. my country's per capita plastic consumption will reach 22.8 kg, only one sixth of that of developed countries.
Features of single-mode automatic blister machine
In many fields, it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between auxiliary equipment suppliers and mainframe suppliers. The two sides are infiltrating each other; some auxiliary equipment companies have increased their technological and economic strength and have begun to develop in the mainframe field; and mainframe companies have begun to develop some supporting control systems. , Important supporting auxiliary equipment and other aspects to strengthen its own service and supporting capabilities.
Functional maintenance of vacuum blister machine
Control technology, robotics, on-site management, remote service and other technologies other than the host itself have gradually become an important direction for the innovation of plastic machinery blister machines; auxiliary equipment is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring the functionality of the host; host manufacturers The development of these corresponding technologies is seen as an important means to enhance competitiveness.
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