Which is better, blister machine or injection molding machine


Which is better, blister machine or injection molding machine

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Recently, many customers inquired about blister, injection and hot pressing when purchasing our thick sheet blister machine. Today, Chongqing Junjing Competition is here to talk about this issue.
Blister VS injection.
Frankly speaking, the products that can be made by the blister process can also be made by the injection process.
Let's talk about the comparison of the pros and cons of the blister process and the injection molding process.
1. Compare from the price of blister machine.
The cost of equipment used in the two processes of blister and injection is not much different.
2. Compare the price of blister machine molds.
The price of blister molds is not expensive. A mold of 20,000 to 30,000 is already a good mold; the price of injection molds is more expensive, and the price of molds ranges from 100,000 to millions.
3. Compare the number of consumables for the blister machine.
The consumables for the blister process are relatively large because there are leftovers; and for injection molding, except for the test machine, basically no waste is generated.
4. Contrast from the appearance and precision of blister machine products.
The precision of injection products is high, the products are beautiful, and the consistency is strong; while the blister products are negative pressure blister, the exquisiteness and consistency of the products are difficult to guarantee.
Some customers may ask, since there are fewer consumables for the injection molding process than for the blister process, and the products made by the injection molding process have advantages in beauty and precision than those made by the blister process, then you Chongqing Junjing Why does the game focus on injection molding?
To sum up, it is because the equipment and molds of the blister machine are cheap, and the equipment is simple to operate, and the market demand for products produced is large.
For products with large output (one piece accumulates more than 100,000), high precision, and high consistency requirements, the injection molding process is selected; for the product with small output (one piece does not exceed 100,000), precision is required If it is not particularly high, and the product difference requirement is not particularly strong, the blister process is used.
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