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Service Center

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Introduction to maintenance services:

1. List the timetable on schedule for maintenance and guidance of equipment.

2. If a customer's failure report is received, the customer in the province will send technicians for maintenance within 1 working day, and the customer outside the province will dispatch technicians for maintenance within 2 working days until the equipment is operating normally.

Anyone who purchases packaging machinery produced by our company will enjoy one year of free maintenance (except for man-made damage) and lifetime maintenance. Yonghengsheng Machinery strives to achieve the fastest and best after-sales service, and also strives to create more valuable blister equipment for the blister industry, in return for the majority of users.


1. The equipment has one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

2. Home delivery, free installation and debugging.

3. Free training of relevant technical personnel and provide technical guidance.

Technical Support:

1. Workshop layout;

2. Provide technical personnel on-site installation and commissioning guidance;

Three, can provide customers with personnel to study in our company;

4. Introduction of operators and supporting molds can be provided. Recommendations of raw material manufacturers.

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