Features of pvc blister packaging machine, automatic blister packaging machine


Features of pvc blister packaging machine, automatic blister packaging machine

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The PVC blister high-frequency sealing machine uses the high-frequency changing magnetic field between the upper and lower poles of the high-frequency plastic welding machine (high-frequency machine) to promote the internal molecular movement and friction of the plastic parts to generate heat, and then use the pressure of the machine and the supporting mold. Achieve the effect of welding and shaping. It is an application of high-frequency heating technology in the field of plastic packaging, and it is a plastic heat sealing device.
Features of pvc blister packaging machine:
(1) Stable weekly rate; using the international industrial band 27.12MHZ, the output weekly rate is stable, in line with the international industrial band standard.
(2) Strong output power: low-loss coaxial oscillator, coherent tuner, strong output power, shorten welding time and increase output.
(3) Safety performance: Whether it is a sudden power outage or a gas outage, the machine is in a static state and will not rise or fall suddenly; it improves the safety of workers.
(4) High-speed coordinator: It can be adjusted according to the size of the product and the thickness of the material, which can greatly reduce the necessary welding time and increase the throughput of the machine.
(5) Anti-interference device; equipped with frequency stabilizer and high-frequency magnetic field shielding system device to reduce high-frequency interference to a low level.
(6) Reinforced frame; stable and durable.
(7) Imported accessories; all important accessories are suitable for genuine electronic originals from Japan, South Korea, the United States and Taiwan.
(8) PLC programming, microcomputer touch screen control system, convenient and quick operation; feeding, welding, receiving, cutting, automatic completion, saving a lot of labor and improving efficiency.
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