Solutions to common faults and problems of blister cutting machine


Solutions to common faults and problems of blister cutting machine

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We all know that the cutting machine will inevitably encounter some failures during use, so what should we do in the face of these failures? Today, the editor of Yonghengsheng Blister Machine Network specially collected and sorted out related questions for you!
Solutions to common faults and problems of blister cutting machine
    1. The blister machine cuts the oil temperature is too high
    A. The oil pump is damaged, and the internal parts are worn at high speed to generate heat.
    B. Internal leakage of hydraulic components, such as directional valve buckle or sealing ring damage, causes high-pressure oil to flow through a small space to generate heat.
    C. Improper pressure adjustment, and the hydraulic system has been under high pressure for a long time and overheated.
    2. Noise produced by cutting machine
    A. Insufficient hydraulic oil in the oil tank, suction of air by the oil pump or obstruction of the oil filter by dirt will cause the oil pump to be short of oil, causing air bubbles in the oil to be discharged and hit the blades to generate noise. The solution is to check the oil volume to prevent air intake and cleaning filter.
    B. The high viscosity of hydraulic oil increases the flow resistance and needs to be replaced with suitable hydraulic oil.
    C. Because the bearings or blades of the oil pump or motor are damaged, the concentricity deviation of the coupling causes noise, and the concentricity must be adjusted to replace the parts.
    D. The directional valve does not respond to failure but its function is still there, such as valve core wear, internal leakage, burr blockage, inflexible movement, and solenoid valve failure due to lack of current will also produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core or replace with new parts, and the current must be stable and sufficient.
    E. The hydraulic components are damaged or the oil pipeline is blocked, causing noise when the hydraulic oil flows at high speed.
    F. The mechanical part is faulty, the mechanical parts are insufficiently lubricated, and the parts are loose. The reason should be found out and tightened or replaced.
    3. The press plate of the cutting machine does not go down or does not reset after going down.
    A. There is a problem with the cutting switch, check or replace it.
    B. Insufficient oil in the oil tank or oil pipe leakage, refuel or tighten the oil pipe joints.
    C. The solenoid valve cannot be reset, repaired or replaced.
    D. The relay is in poor contact and the main oil circuit cannot be switched. Check the circuit.
    4. Insufficient cutting pressure
    A. The oil pump is damaged or the oil inlet is blocked, and the oil cylinder is leaking. After inspection, remove it according to the situation.
    B. The touch of the micro switch is too slow or malfunctions, adjust it to touch or replace it about 10mm before the cutting point.
    C. If the solenoid valve is faulty, check and repair the solenoid valve spindle.
    D. The circulating oil in the fuel tank is insufficient. Replenish the circulating oil so that the oil level exceeds the oil filter screen.
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