High-speed blister machine industry


High-speed blister machine industry

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Industry experts believe that the high-speed plastic machine industry needs to be adjusted in many ways, and the pace of restructuring should be accelerated. Strengthen management, break the boundaries of industries and departments, establish overall concepts, optimize organizational structure, realize optimal allocation of industry assets, form a new pattern of complementary advantages, division of labor, cooperation, and common development, and work together to face fierce competition in the international market.
Blister machine PP plastic processing
In the past 20 years, blister machines have become one of the necessary equipment for processing packaging materials. However, my country’s energy-saving blister machines can no longer meet the needs of the development of the situation only by increasing capital investment and expanding production scale. It has entered a new period of adjusting product structure and improving development capabilities. Technology upgrades, product replacements, and operation management are important topics for industry development.
In terms of product structure, it should be market-oriented, change the current situation of low-tech content and low-level competition, eliminate a batch of low-efficiency, high-consumption, low-grade, low-value-added, labor-intensive products, and strive to develop and produce high-efficiency Low-consumption, large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products are produced and sold on the market
Plastic forming machine processing technology
In terms of packaging functions, industrial and agricultural products must be refined and diversified, and plastic-blister machinery products must develop toward the polarization of product multi-function and single high-speed; for candy packaging, pillow-shaped, special-shaped, and conjoined products are needed. , Such products require a series of products to be completed on an energy-saving blister machine.
Blister machine tightening device
Strengthen macro-level guidance and industry coordination, according to the development status of my country's packaging industry, rationally introduce advanced equipment, and accelerate the process of digestion and absorption. For food blister machinery with high market demand and technical difficulties, we will focus on the industry’s superior strengths, take the road of combining production, learning, and research, and conduct organized and targeted digestion, absorption, scientific research, and develop suction systems with intellectual property rights. Plastic machinery breaks the foreign technology monopoly and accelerates the improvement of my country's technological level and self-sufficiency.
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