Yonghengsheng blister machine: quality problems of thick sheet blister machine and production mold


Yonghengsheng blister machine: quality problems of thick sheet blister machine and production mold

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Today in the editor I will tell you about the quality problems of thick film blister machines and the production molds? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
          Production of blister molding: It is produced by using a fully active high-speed blister molding machine. The basic principle is: pull the rolled sheet into the electric furnace and heat it to a softened state, then pull it to the top of the blister mold, and then move the mold upwards and draw Vacuum sucks the softened sheet to the surface of the mold, and sprays cooling water on the surface of the molded sheet in a mist to make it harden. The molded sheet is actively pulled to the storage box, and the pneumatic cutter will The type sheet is separated, and then all the processes are completed;
           (1) One of the main quality problems in the appearance of thick blister products is reflected in the following points:
           1. Uneven thickness;
           2. Excessive blister means that the product is too thin;
           3. Pull line refers to the appearance of undesirable line marks on the molded product;
           4. Inadequate blister, which means that the shape is deformed and there is no product that is blistered into the same shape as the mold;
           (2) Manufacturing production molds: After the samples are approved by the customer, a certain number of production orders will generally be placed;
           The production scheduling will decide which mold to choose for mass production based on the output value and the degree of blister molding disorder: choose plaster mold for production, the mold manufacturing process is similar to blister proofing, the advantage is that the production cycle is short, the cost is the lowest, and only a full-page mold is required. For one to two days, the shortcomings are that the blister products are rough in appearance, the molds are simply broken during production, and the durability is poor and it is impossible to form products with large depth, high clutter, and thick sheets. The electroplating copper mold is selected. The technique is to spray a layer of conductive agent on the surface of the blister, and then put it into the electrolytic cell to plate a thick copper layer. The electroplating process takes 72 hours, and then the copper mold is poured. Plaster, polishing, and air blow treatment. The advantages of using electroplated copper molds are that the appearance of blister products is lubricated, the cost is moderate, and the durability is moderate. The disadvantage is that the mold manufacturing cycle is long and the production of fine blister products cannot be completed;
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