Acrylic Blister Machine


Acrylic Blister Machine

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The pressure components of the acrylic blister machine are all made of large-scale steel, with high strength, good rigidity, and a flat work surface.

The lifting platform of the blister machine adopts high-precision four-axis guidance, which is stable in movement.

The oven door of the blister machine is controlled by a cylinder, which has strong sealing, beautiful appearance, and convenient switching.

There are many manufacturers that produce blister machines, so please make sure to check them out before buying.

Product features of blister machine:

Important instructions for blister machine

1. The electric control lifting system or hydraulic lifting system is adopted to make the floating plate safe, stable, and strong working pressure to ensure that the forming is easier and faster.

2. The suction system has strong engineering, no need to vacuum in stages, and can always be in an ideal negative pressure state, which is more convenient to use.

3. The equipment power can reach the minimum power consumption standard for the best working condition.

4. The softening box is equipped with an automatic constant temperature control system, which can be set according to different heating needs of the plates.

5. The operating system adopts numerical control system operation, which effectively improves the work efficiency of the operator.

6. Advanced technology, can be formed by suction and cooling at one time. It can also be sucked or pressed separately according to the different effects of the light box and characters, so that the light box and characters can be formed at one time.

Safety knowledge of blister machine manufacturers

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The production range of blister machine: various concave and convex acrylic characters, pictures, light boxes, signs, etc.

 Cost accounting of blister machine:

Due to the different material selection and processing technology, the cost is about 100-300 yuan per square meter. The market price per square meter is 1,000-2,000 yuan. The gross profit per square meter is about 800-1500 yuan. With a daily production capacity of 10-200 square meters, it is profitable.

Plant-level power requirements: According to the size of the equipment, the plant is less than 10-25 square meters. The power supply is 380V, 50HZ,

Promotion strategy:

1. Use your own or direct users who are about to develop.

2. Positioning in a certain field, such as telecommunications, finance, gas station and other industries.

3. Agency in the same industry, that is, to give other advertising companies a reasonable profit margin and use their customer resources to turn competitors into partners.

After-sales service: Under normal use, the main equipment and parts are guaranteed for one year free of charge.

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