Yonghengsheng Blister Machine: Don’t panic when the following problems occur on the Blister Machine


Yonghengsheng Blister Machine: Don’t panic when the following problems occur on the Blister Machine

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Today I will tell you about the following problems with the blister machine. Don’t panic? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
           Elimination of common faults of blister machine:
           1. The machine does not start: the input wire is blocked, the power cord is connected reversely, and the voltage is not working.
           2. Inaccurate temperature measurement: thermocouple, temperature controller. Is the device incorrect or damaged?
           3. The working vacuum cannot be increased: the gas path is blocked, the hand valve or solenoid valve is not closed, the vacuum pump motor belt is loose, and the vacuum gauge is damaged.
           4. The main power switch trips: the input wire leakage on the top of the heating box, the distribution box leakage, the external wire lays on the equipment, the motor leakage, etc.
           5. The suction film is not in place: the vacuum is not good, the air leaks, the temperature is not good, the film is too thin, the workpiece has been pasted with other materials, the concave depth of the workpiece exceeds the pulling of the film, the suction time is too short, the film does not rise, the workpiece The interval is too close.
           6. The surface of the overlaid workpiece is folded and not smooth or the corners cannot be wrapped: the film is not straightened, the film quality is not good, the workpiece is not polished, too much glue is sprayed, and the template under the workpiece is too low.
           7. The film pulls down when the blister is not reached: Is the solenoid valve or hand valve opened?
           8. Suction breaking phenomenon: the temperature is too high, the heating time is too long, the film quality is not good, and there is no heating.
            Attention in the use of blister machine: When selecting (PVC) film, the manufacturer must provide all technical data. Please select (PVC) special adhesive, and you must have all the data. Based on the above data, you can set the required reasonable data to obtain the ideal quality and economic benefits.
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