Eternal Sheng blister machine: composition and function of blister machine


Eternal Sheng blister machine: composition and function of blister machine

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Today I will tell you about the composition and function of the blister machine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
             1. Clamping equipment
             When the plastic sheet is formed, the sheet is fixed on the clamping device. For thermoforming general-purpose and composite thermoforming machines, clamping devices that are convenient for fixing sheets of various sizes are often used. Some machines are equipped with a clamping structure.
             2. Clamping equipment can be divided into two categories: one is structural type, and the other is split type. The structural clamping device is composed of upper and lower structures. The sheet is sandwiched between the two structures. When the structure is opened, the lower structure usually adheres to the fixed condition. The lower part of the structure of various types of single-station molding machines is directly fixed on the molding chamber. The manual and semi-automatic molding machines that load the parison and the finished product by hand are equipped with safe operation equipment within the open range of the structure when the size of the structure is large. For parisons with large molding slip, the clamping force is required to be adjusted in a relatively wide range. For this reason, two rubber-coated rollers are selected, which are pressed against each other with tension springs, and are equipped with pressure conditioning equipment. The clamping of successive pull-tab forming machines is the common effect of the zipper on both sides and the front and rear brakes.
      The best selection of clamping equipment is automatic control, in order to move quickly, which can help the quality and power of the front part.
            2. Heating equipment
   Thermoplastic sheet and film vacuum forming machine process, one of the first steps is sheet heating. The duration and quality of electric heating depend on the structure of the heater, the thermal inertia of temperature heat transfer after radiating the surface, the distance between the sheet and the heater, the radiant energy absorption coefficient, the characteristics of the heater's surface and the thermal physical properties of the material. Commonly used heaters are electric heaters, crystal radiators and infrared heaters.
   3. Vacuum equipment
   Vacuum system is composed of vacuum pump, gas storage tank, valve, pipeline and vacuum gauge, etc. In vacuum forming, a unique vacuum pump is often used. The vacuum degree of this pump should reach 0.07~0.09 Mpa (520mmHg) or more. The gas storage tank is usually a cylindrical box welded with thin steel plates, with an oval bottom. The capacity of the gas storage tank should be at least half the capacity of the largest forming chamber. It is necessary to install appropriate valves on the vacuum pipeline to control the narrow vacuum capacity.
          The rolling power of the vacuum pump is determined by the size of the forming equipment and the forming speed. The larger or faster forming speed equipment is usually as large as 2-4KW. The size of the vacuum base system depends on the detailed production and development requirements of the factory.
   4. Compressed air equipment
   Pneumatic system can be formed by the molding machine itself with compressor, gas storage tank, workshop main circuit set, valve, etc. The molding machine needs compressed air with a pressure of 0.4-0.5 MPa, and various vacuum suction molding machines widely use piston air compressors. It can also be supplied by a large screw air compressor in the whole factory.
  Compressed air is not only used for molding, but also used for demolding, external cooling of the primary product, and power for operating mold structures and working sheets.
   5. Cooling equipment
  In order to increase the output power, the vacuum forming machine often needs to be cooled before demolding. The ideal situation is that the inner and outer surfaces of the part and the mold are cooled, and the mold with the cooling coil inside is the best choice. Regarding non-metal molds, such as wood, plaster, glass fiber reinforced plastics, epoxy resins and other molds, because they cannot be cooled by water, air cooling can be used instead, and water mist can be added to cool the appearance of vacuum molded parts.
   If natural cooling is used in production, annealed parts can be obtained, which is beneficial to the impact resistance of the front part. Of course, water cooling produces high power, but the internal stress of the part is relatively large.
   Six, demoulding equipment
   Demolding is to remove the finished product out of the mold. Usually, whether it is a concave mold or a convex mold, it is mostly due to the cooling and shrinkage of the finished product to close the mold, so it is released through the vacuum induction hole or blowing in the opposite direction.
   Especially for the molds with small demolding angle or concave molds, use the demolding structure nozzle or shock demolding together. Sometimes the mold release agent is modified on the sheet and the mold or the mold surface is sprayed with Teflon.
   Seven, control equipment
        The control system usually includes the control of various parameters and actions of instruments, meters, pipes, and valves in the process of vacuum forming and finishing. The control methods include manual, electrical-mechanical automatic control, computer control, etc. The detailed selection should be based on factors such as initial investment labor costs, technical requirements, material costs, production and repair equipment costs, etc.
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