Points to note for maintenance of blister machine


Points to note for maintenance of blister machine

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The blister machine factory will take you a comprehensive understanding of the clamping equipment of the blister machine;


When the plastic sheet is formed, the sheet is fixed on the clamping device. For thermoforming general-purpose and composite thermoforming machines, clamping devices that are convenient for fixing sheets of various sizes are often used. Some machines are equipped with a clamping structure.


Clamping equipment can be divided into two categories: one is structural, and the other is split. Structural clamping equipment is composed of upper and lower structures. The sheet is sandwiched between two structures.

When the structure is opened, the lower structure generally adheres to a fixed condition. The lower part of the upper structure of various types of single-station molding machines is directly fixed on the molding room. The manual and semi-automatic molding machines that load the parison and the finished product by hand are equipped with safe operation equipment within the open range of the structure when the structure scale is large.

Forming principle of acrylic blister machine

For the parison with large slippage of the forming blister machine, the clamping force is required to be adjusted in a relatively wide range. For this reason, two rubber-coated rollers are selected, which are pressed against each other with a tension spring, and pressure conditioning equipment . The clamping of the successive pull-tab forming machine is the function of the two-end zipper and the front and rear brakes.

Regarding the maintenance of the blister machine and the following points:

Because the blister machine can help us all bring certain benefits. Strong adaptability to the specifications of the production products. The blister molding method can be used to manufacture various products of extra large, extra small, extra thick and extra thin;

Blister machine production process

Blister machine product molds are easy to manufacture and have high production efficiency; they are used in plastic packaging industries such as blister packaging, plastics, batteries, toys, gifts, hardware, home appliances, electronics, stationery, decorative food packaging industries, fast food boxes, fruit trays, and biscuits Boxes etc.

With so many characteristics, it can be seen that the blister machine has an impact on industrial production to a certain degree, but there will be minor problems in any machine, so the blister machine maintenance is not separate.

Details of the operation process of the blister machine

Because of this, we must take good care of the blister machine and know how to clean the blister machine.

Some points must be paid attention to when repairing the blister machine:

1. Install blister film

2. Turn on the power next

3. It is a prerequisite for safe production to check whether the operation of the Shenzhen blister machine is normal

4. Check whether the heating wire is disconnected, if it is disconnected, reconnect it

5. Ensure that the product on the surface of the machine is removed and the dust on the exhaust vent is cleaned.

6. Adjust the heating temperature and blister seconds according to the needs of specific products.

7. Put the electroplating products of the blister machine on the iron plate

It is used more and more in daily life. It can be used to package products in different styles according to their needs, with a certain aesthetics, so as to attract customers' attention and facilitate sales.

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