Analysis of independent group temperature control of blister machine


Analysis of independent group temperature control of blister machine

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Analysis of independent group temperature control of blister machine

1. The blister machine adopts a special dense plane far through the outer ceramic heating device, the temperature is uniform, and the power saving is 50% higher than that of the traditional machine.

2. The blister electromechanical heating furnace adopts closed heating. The Dongguan blister machine factory makes heating more uniform and reduces heat loss. It is also equipped with a manual switch to control the vertical lifting of the electric furnace, which is beneficial to control the product quality during the production process. Thick film can be used The upper and lower double electric furnace heating (customer-made) speeds up the heating time and increases the production speed.

Blister material for blister machine

3. The blister machine is equipped with a vibration demoulding device, which is not easy to deform for difficult products and is easy to demold.

4. The blister machine is driven by a double-row pointed needle chain to ensure accurate and stable operation at high speed. It is equipped with an adjustable width device to maximize the use of film and reduce waste.

5. The small automatic high-speed blister machine is equipped with a water cooling device and a high-speed cold water spray to speed up the molding speed and ensure the molding quality. The production speed is twice as fast as the traditional machine.

Points to note for maintenance of blister machine

6. The blister machine has a built-in secondary vacuum, which makes difficult products easier to form, improves product quality and reduces waste rate.

7. The blister machine adopts all imported electrical appliances and pneumatic components from international famous factories. The quality is absolutely reliable, safe and durable.

How to improve the product qualification rate of energy-saving blister machines?

The qualification rate of products produced by energy-saving blister machines is mainly related to whether the temperature control is stable. At present, the most common temperature control for blister machines is to set the percentage of heating time to control the temperature. The accuracy of the fixed heating time is poor, and the aging power of the heating plate is reduced, the power supply voltage, the air supply pressure is unstable, and the ambient temperature changes are difficult to control, which are the main reasons for the waste;

Forming principle of acrylic blister machine

Another very rare temperature control method used on the blister machine is to set the temperature through a PID regulator and set the temperature through the regulator. A temperature sensor must be installed on each heating plate.

However, this kind of blister machine control scheme not only greatly increases the investment cost, but also more complicated installation and maintenance. It is difficult to separate the strong and weak electricity with the thermocouple and the heating plate. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure that the large number of thermocouples are not subject to strong electricity. Interference, interference often occurs so that the system becomes very unstable, greatly increasing the number of points of failure.

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