Radiation energy of blister machine


Radiation energy of blister machine

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What is the radiation energy of the blister machine?

In the vacuum forming process of plastic sheet and film of thermoplastic blister machine, one of the main processes of high-speed blister machine is sheet heating.

The duration and quality of the electromechanical heating of the blister depends on the structure of the heater, the thermal inertia of the temperature and heat transfer after the radiant surface, the distance between the sheet and the heater, the absorption coefficient of radiant energy, the characteristics of the heater surface and the thermal physics of the material performance. Commonly used heaters are electric heaters, crystal radiators and infrared heaters.

Opportunity success of blister machine

The blister film can be a transparent solid, a liquid or a thin layer of gas sandwiched by two pieces of glass. The incident light is reflected by the upper surface of the film to obtain the first light, and the refracted light is reflected by the lower surface of the film.

Analysis of independent group temperature control of blister machine

After being refracted by the upper surface, a second beam of light is obtained. The two beams of light are separated by the same incident vibration on the same side of the film. They are coherent light and belong to amplitude-divided interference. If the light source is an extended light source (surface light source), interference can only be observed in the specific overlapping area of ​​the two coherent beams, so it is localized interference.

Blister material for blister machine

The radiation of the blister machine means that the energy of the blister machine is transmitted in the form of waves or subatomic particles. The energy of radiation radiates straight from the radiation source in all directions. Generally, it can be classified into ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation according to its energy level and ability to ionize matter.

Blister machines generally use this term for ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has enough energy to ionize atoms or molecules, but non-ionizing radiation does not. Radioactive substances refer to substances that emit ionizing radiation.

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