Functional characteristics of blister machine mold


Functional characteristics of blister machine mold

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What are the functions and characteristics of the blister mold?

The blister machine and the blister mold have a lip-tooth relationship. A blister machine without a blister mold is like a gun without ammunition, but an empty display. As a necessary auxiliary facility for a blister machine, the most commonly used is Plaster mold, electrolytic copper mold, aluminum mold. The following is a follower of the blister machine manufacturer Nanjing Fumax CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. to take a look at these three characteristics in detail.

Opportunity success of blister machine

Plaster mold: It is mainly made of yellow blister gypsum powder. The mold can be completed according to the actual object or drawings. It takes about 2-4 days to complete a full-page mold. The production time is short, which is beneficial to the modification of product packaging. , The price is lower.

However, the surface of the blister product of the blister machine is relatively rough, and the transparency of the product is poor, and the mold is easily damaged. It may not be able to blister the product with large molding depth, high complexity, and thick sheet.

Analysis of independent group temperature control of blister machine

Electrolytic copper mold of blister machine: According to the design requirements of the product, first make a plaster mold, and then use the plaster mold to produce a vacuum cover, and then place it in the electrolytic cell. When the surface reaches a 5-8mm thick copper layer, Put plaster on it to increase the hardness, and finally polish and pump the eyes.

Blister material for blister machine

The entire process of the blister machine takes about 3-5 days. This mold is more durable. The product produced by this type of mold has better appearance and transparency, and the mold production price is lower. The surface of the blister product is smooth and has a wide range of uses. Usually, the preferred mold, the disadvantage is that the production cycle is long.

The blister machine is mainly suitable for products with higher requirements such as electronics, toys, stationery, cosmetics, and automobile boutiques. Aluminum mold: It is the most expensive mold among the three categories. When making this type of mold, you must first design the drawings with a computer, and then process it with a CNC milling machine (the drilling of the air hole is completed at this time).

The production cycle is moderate, the metal mold has strong durability and can meet the requirements of high dimensional accuracy.

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