The composition and function of vacuum blister machine (1)


The composition and function of vacuum blister machine (1)

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The composition and function of vacuum blister machine (1)

Vacuum forming machine clamping equipment

When the plastic sheet is formed, the sheet is fixed on the clamping device. In thermoforming general-purpose and composite thermoforming machines, clamping devices that are convenient for fixing sheets of various sizes are often used. Some are equipped with a clamping frame for the entire forming machine.

The clamping device of vacuum blister machine can be divided into two types: one is the frame type, and the other is the split type. The frame type clamping device is composed of an upper frame and a lower frame. The sheet is sandwiched between two frames.

Functional characteristics of blister machine mold

When the frame is opened, the lower frame generally remains fixed. The lower part of the upper frame of various types of single-station molding machines is directly fixed on the molding room. The manual and semi-automatic molding machines that load the parison and the finished product by hand, when the frame size is large, are equipped with safety operation devices within the open range of the frame.

For parisons with larger molding slip, the clamping force is required to be adjustable in a relatively wide range. For this reason, two rubber-coated rollers are used to press each other with springs and are equipped with a pressure adjusting device. The clamping of the continuous pull forming machine is the joint action of the zippers on both sides and the front and rear brakes.

The clamping device is best to adopt automatic control, in order to move quickly, which can help improve the quality and efficiency of the parts.

Radiation energy of blister machine

Heating equipment for vacuum forming machine

One of the main processes in the vacuum forming process of thermoplastic sheets and films is sheet heating. The duration and quality of electric heating depend on the structure of the heater, the thermal inertia of the temperature heat transfer after the radiant surface, the distance between the sheet and the heater, the radiant energy absorption coefficient, the characteristics of the heater surface and the thermal physical properties of the material. Commonly used heaters are electric heaters, crystal radiators and infrared heaters.

Vacuum equipment

The vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, gas storage tanks, valves, pipelines and vacuum gauges. In vacuum forming, separate vacuum pumps are often used. The vacuum of this type of pump should reach 0.07~0.09Mpa or more.

Opportunity success of blister machine

Gas storage tanks are generally cylindrical boxes welded with thin steel plates, with an oval bottom. The capacity of the gas storage tank should be at least half the capacity of the largest forming chamber. The vacuum pipeline must be equipped with appropriate valves to control the narrow vacuum capacity.

The rotating power of the vacuum pump is determined by the size of the molding equipment and the molding speed. Larger or faster equipment is usually as large as 2-4KW. The size of the vacuum central system depends on the specific production and development requirements of the factory.

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