Blister machine accessories equipment


Blister machine accessories equipment

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A complete set of blister machine has a lot of accessories and equipment, the following is a brief introduction of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Machinery Manufacturing:

Heating equipment for blister machine: In the vacuum forming process of thermoplastic plastic sheets and films, one of the main processes is sheet heating. The duration and quality of electric heating basically depend directly on the structure of the heater.

Radiation energy of blister machine

The thermal inertia of the temperature heat transfer behind the radiation surface of the blister, the distance between the sheet and the heater, the radiation can also effectively absorb the coefficient, and the characteristics of the heater surface and the thermal physical properties of the material. The most commonly used heaters include electric heaters, crystal radiators and infrared heaters.

Vacuum equipment of blister machine: The vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pumps, valves, gas storage tanks, pipelines and vacuum gauges, etc., and then a separate type vacuum pump is often used directly in vacuum forming. The vacuum of this pump The degree can basically reach above 0.07~0.09Mpa (520mmHg).

Opportunity success of blister machine

In addition, the gas storage tanks of blister machines are basically cylindrical boxes welded by thin steel plates, with an oval bottom. The capacity of the gas storage tank is basically more than half the capacity of the largest molding chamber. On the vacuum pipeline, proper valves must be installed to effectively control the narrow volume of the vacuum.

Compressed air equipment of the blister machine: The pneumatic system of the blister machine is mainly composed of the compressor, the gas storage tank, the main circuit set of the workshop, and the valve.

Analysis of independent group temperature control of blister machine

The molding machine also needs compressed air with a pressure of about 0.4-0.5MPa, and most of the various vacuum forming machines use piston air compressors.

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