Thick film blister machine applicable industries


Thick film blister machine applicable industries

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Which industries are thick film blister machines mainly suitable for? Generally speaking, thick film blister machines mainly use plastic materials as raw materials, and at the same time use molds as auxiliary, and then produce various shapes and products. Plastic equipment.

Acrylic Blister Machine

The most suitable plastic materials for thick film blister machines include: PVC, acrylic, ABS, PC, PP, daylighting cover, sunlight board, endurance board, PE, etc., and the thick film produced by the thick film injection molding machine The blister products are mainly suitable for automotive interiors in the auto parts industry, the shell and base of electric vehicles, and the acrylic blister characters, light boxes, three-dimensional boards, billboards, advertising panels in the advertising industry; or the background of the decoration industry Various shapes of the wall, the video wall and so on.

In addition, the current thick sheet blister molding machine has low mold production costs, fast molding speed, very high flexibility, and a wide range of industries. If the product you need to make is a thick sheet, it is best to provide the length, width, thickness, height and output requirements of the material, so that a more suitable equipment can be formulated. If there is a picture of the product, it is even better .

Safety operating procedures for vacuum blister machine

Thick sheet blister machine technology is also the technology of thermoforming processing of plastic sheet (board) material. Thick sheet blister machine is one of the industrial technologies of plastic secondary processing. Thick sheet blister machines are different from one-time processing techniques such as injection molding and extrusion, and they are not heated and molded for plastic resin or pellets or continuous molding with the same cross-section through the die.

Important instructions for blister machine

The thick sheet blister machine cuts a part of the plastic material, and then can obtain the required shape and size. At the same time, it will also target the plastic sheet (board) material, and then heat it, and finally use the mold, vacuum or pressure to make the sheet ( The board is deformed, so that the required shape and size are achieved, supplemented by supporting procedures, to achieve the application purpose.

Safety knowledge of blister machine manufacturers

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