The influence of vacuum blister machine on finished products


The influence of vacuum blister machine on finished products

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After being processed by vacuum blister machine, it will be plastic products for packaging of various shapes such as boxes, lids and trays. This standard applies to thermoformed products such as boxes, lids, and trays used as packaging in the fields of nutrition, medicine, quick-frozen products, food, seafood, vegetables, electronics, and daily necessities.
The principle of the vacuum blister machine can be simply understood as the use of vacuum to laminate the pvc film and the sizing fiber board to achieve various types of decorations such as cladding planes, concave and convex grooves, curved edges, and hollow carving parts, so as to achieve Decorate the shape and get the effect of beautiful colors;
Thick film blister machine applicable industries
In addition, the vacuum blister can realize one-time molding, so it can greatly reduce the cost in production. At present, this technology has been widely used in the manufacture of computer desks, audio panels, cabinets, doors and furniture. Vacuum suction is a key factor in the vacuum suction process, which can affect the final product effect of vacuum suction parts.
With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the green and safety of vacuum blister materials have begun to attract attention. Waterborne polyurethane dispersions are non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly.
Operation Rules of Vacuum Forming Machine
It can be used alone in the compounding process of vacuum suction plastics, and can ensure excellent bonding strength; in addition to being used alone, the water-based polyurethane dispersion can also be used in combination with emulsions such as VAE or PA, which can achieve good performance at the same time. Effectively reduce costs.
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