Features of automatic blister machine


Features of automatic blister machine

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Automatic blister machine is a kind of packaging molding machine, which is mainly used for packaging plastic products. After the plastic sheet is heated to a certain temperature, the negative pressure is generated by a vacuum pump and then cooled to form, which can be blister-formed into different types and shapes of blisters or blisters that you need.
So, what are the characteristics of the automatic blister machine? Blister machine manufacturers come to introduce to you.
1. First of all, the automatic blister machine does not need to be applied to the alignment technology. It can automatically blister without generating garbage, avoiding environmental pollution and wasting resources, which is very convenient.
Vacuum forming machine blister knowledge
2. The control system is centrally integrated. The control work is to feed the material to heating, then cool down after vacuum suction, then take off the film to cut the material and other automatic control molding work.
3. The automatic blister machine is divided into two-layer blister, super two-layer blister, and 3-position blister. It is easy to operate if you want to make different large and small characters.
The influence of vacuum blister machine on finished products
4. There is a cold air system and rapid cooling device in the automatic blister machine, which can make the blister cool faster without vibration.
5. The automatic blister machine can use the mold to complete the work, the mold is manufactured, and then the board of the blister machine is placed on the mold inside the machine, and the blister forming work can be easily completed.
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