Analysis of Process Cost of Blister Machine


Analysis of Process Cost of Blister Machine

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Analysis of Process Cost of Blister Machine
1. The process of blister machine
The production of blister machines is a labor-intensive production process with low barriers to entry and rapid returns in traditional industries. The main technological processes include sheet feeding, sheet heating, sheet forming under pressure, product size cutting, surface cleaning, counting, and packaging.
The production of blister machine has gone through several major stages:
Features of single-mode automatic blister machine
Pure manual operation stage: manual hand-held sheet heating, hand-held to mold forming, manual manual cutting, manual surface cleaning, manual counting, manual packaging;
Mechanically assisted production stage: active sheet heating, mold forming, manual cutting, manual surface cleaning, manual counting, manual packaging performed by the blister machine;
Manual-assisted production stage: self-developed fully automatic sheet heating, mold forming, automatic cutting, closed production, automatic counting and subcontracting;
Functional maintenance of vacuum blister machine
Mechanical intelligent production stage: Eternal Shengji's upcoming IoT intelligent blister machine will add an intelligent control module on the basis of the original automatic blister machine all-in-one to improve the manager's ability to collect and analyze production site data .
2. The cost composition of each process
It can be clearly seen from the process of the blister machine that the main cost of the blister machine process comes from materials, electricity, labor and production yield.
Material: In general, the material size is the length and width of the mold plus the height of the mold, that is, the size of the material used in a single product, and the corresponding parameter is the material utilization rate;
Electricity cost: Open the corresponding heating brick according to the mold size. The minimum heating brick is 125*125, that is, the heating area needs to be larger than the mold size. A single heating usually requires a power of 600W per heating brick. If it is heated twice, the power of each heating brick is Around 400W, but the heating area needs to be twice the size of the mold, and the corresponding parameter is the energy consumption per unit product;
Manual: 1 person is required for thermoforming, 2 people for cutting, and 2 people for surface cleaning;
Good product rate: Good product directly corresponds to the yield of finished products, which directly affects the cost.
3. The focus of cost saving
Features of automatic blister machine
Improve material utilization;
Improve the utilization rate of electric energy, increase the unit output speed, and then reduce the energy consumption per unit output;
Reduce link personnel and lower the skill threshold of practitioners;
Reduce human links and replace human operations with automated control.
Features of automatic blister machine
4. Methods of implementing cost control
Automated production is the most effective way to implement cost control. From the traditional manual processing method, to the later ordinary blister machine, then to the later fully automatic blister machine, and now the fully automatic blister machine launched by Eternal Shengji All-in-one machines (full-automatic blister forming all-in-one machines), with the improvement of automation, the production cost of blister machines has been greatly reduced in the past ten years.
Choosing the production equipment of blister machine is the key to cost control. The different orders of different blister machine production companies will determine the choice of production equipment. Generally speaking, the blister machine factory selected by the blister machine factory with an annual output value of less than 100 million should be mainly miniaturized, and one or two large sets are sufficient, which can effectively alleviate the contradiction of uncertain orders.
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