Automatic vacuum blister machine


Automatic vacuum blister machine

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Fully automatic vacuum blister machine is a special machine for heat sealing of blister cover and paper card. It is divided into three methods: upper heating type, lower heating type and upper and lower heating type. Generally, it has the following twelve functions.
  1. The stroke of the upper and lower molds is automatically adjustable;
Characteristics of Vacuum Forming Machine
  2. Multiple vertical vibration demoulding;
  3. The cold water heat insulation function of the heat insulation baffle;
  4. Vertical and horizontal movable design of heating furnace;
  5. Residual wind blocking function;
  6. Secondary vacuum function;
  7. Delay vacuum function;
  8. Secondary punching function;
  9. Easy-adjustable center gate design;
  10. Multi-mould function;
  11. Pneumatic fine-tuning current limiting design;
  12. The pull tab and the lower die are designed synchronously.
 What are the maintenance and care methods for the automatic blister machine?
Blister packaging sheet
  1. Clean the cylinder rod regularly after it is dirty, insert it with a felt cloth.
  2. Add butter to the rack and pinion area once a month.
  3. Clean the dust on the fuel tank to prevent dust from falling into the tank. It is best to cover the tank with a lid.
  4. Add oil once a month or so at the bearing seat position.
  5. Winter is coming soon, replace the anti-wear No. 46 hydraulic oil in winter in areas with low temperature.
  6. For the place where the motor and the oil pump are connected, in order to have a better effect, please grease it once within 2 months.
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