First board automatic blister machine purchase


First board automatic blister machine purchase

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The purchase elements of the first automatic blister machine, the machine and equipment work without disorder, reliability, safety and service life. The inconsistency of the machine shows whether the clamping mechanism and the injection molding system are running smoothly in each cycle, working under noise-free and silent, and the noise must not exceed the industry standard.
These conditions are related to the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the machinery, as well as the reasonable design and structure of the toggle link. Reliability and service life are mainly reflected in the system rigidity of the clamping mechanism, which is related to the structure, size, material and thermal solution technology of the template, tie rod, connecting rod and its pin shaft;
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The plastic warping system of the blister machine, such as the barrel, screw, screw head, non-return ring, and the structure and production process of the screw drive spindle, are the main stressed and worn parts of the blister machine, which directly affect Service life.
The safety of the blister machine is very important. When the mold clamping mechanism opens and closes the mold, the reliability of the low-voltage maintenance system involves human-machine safety. Modern blister machines require the implementation of a combined electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic safety maintenance system. This maintenance mainly reflects two aspects: one is the safety maintenance of the mold, and the other is the safety maintenance of the person.
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Before closing the mold, when the safety door is not closed, the mold closing should not be able to move; in the process of closing the mold, if the safety door is not closed to the correct position, the template action stops or the mold opens automatically.
If during mold closing, foreign objects such as inserts fall into the cavity due to vibration, or other foreign objects such as hands are mistakenly placed in the mold, the mold should stop closing the mold, or automatically open the mold and give an alarm .
Another safety aspect of the first board blister machine is to avoid cold start of the pre-plastic screw. When the material of the screw does not reach the specified temperature and holding time, it is forbidden to start, otherwise an alarm will occur. The protective device of the nozzle splashing of the blister machine is necessary to prevent burns.
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The main points of purchasing the first board blister machine should be high degree of automation, complete functions and high production efficiency. Modern blister machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically, and fully automatically. As long as the mold design is fair, the fully automatic operation from injection and filling to ejection and dropping of the product can be achieved. It can also be equipped with a manipulator for unmanned operation.
The core pulling function, the hydraulic nozzle control function and the fast heating runner probe function can all be programmed into the automatic program in the injection molding cycle for automatic cycle. The high production efficiency mainly shows that each molded product has a short molding cycle under the normal injection molding process.
This is a comprehensive performance index reflecting the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic system of a blister machine. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt high-quality hydraulic and electronic components and adopt precise manufacturing techniques to improve the agility and repetition of the blister system. Accuracy, this is a reliable guarantee for the efficient work of the injection molding system.
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The main points of purchasing the first board blister machine are energy saving and environmental protection, which are the indicators that cannot be neglected to judge modern blister machines. Energy-saving mainly reflects the water-saving and power-saving capabilities of the blister machine compared with similar machines under the premise that the power drive system, heating system, and heat dissipation system meet the normal process.
Modern blister machine design should fully consider the theme of environmental protection. The blister machine should avoid hydraulic oil leakage or excessive noise, and work quietly. In addition, the blister machine itself should also use more environmentally friendly materials.
The main points of purchasing a blister machine should be convenient for machine maintenance and testing. The installation position of various machines such as mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and electrical components should be conducive to the maintenance and testing of the machine. At the same time, the generalization and standardization of the blister machine are also very important to the user.
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