Plastic forming machine processing technology


Plastic forming machine processing technology

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Blister technology, namely plastic sheet thermoforming processing technology, is one of the industrial technologies of plastic secondary processing. It is different from one-time processing techniques such as injection molding and extrusion, and it is not for plastic resin or pellets for heating molding or continuous molding with the same cross-section through the die;
It is not the use of machine tools, tools and other mechanical processing methods to cut a part of the plastic material to obtain the required shape and size, but for the plastic sheet, heating, using molds, vacuum or pressure to deform the sheet to meet the requirements Shape and size, supplemented by supporting procedures, to achieve application goals.
Blister machine tightening device
Blister machine equipment includes clamping system, heating system, vacuum and compressed air system, and forming mold.
1. Adopt electric control lifting system or hydraulic lifting system to make the floating board safe, stable and strong working pressure. Ensure that the molding is easier and faster.
2. The suction system is powerful. There is no need for a staged vacuum, and it can always be in an ideal negative pressure posture, which is more convenient to use.
3. The operating system adopts numerical control system operation, which effectively improves work efficiency.
4. The softening box is equipped with an advanced automatic constant temperature control system. It can be set according to the different heating needs of the plates, and the heating is reasonable, which effectively saves energy and reduces production costs.
Features of high-speed vacuum blister machine
5. The working force can reach 20T, ensuring easier, quicker and more stable forming.
6. Advanced technology. It can be formed by suction, pressing and cooling at one time. It can also be sucked or pressed independently according to the different effects of light boxes, characters and pictures, so that light boxes, characters and pictures can be formed at one time.
First board automatic blister machine purchase
7. Multiple words and pictures can be formed at one time.
8. The power supply is 380V and 220V, which is convenient for operation in factories or stores.
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