What are the selection of blister machines


What are the selection of blister machines

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What kind of blister machine needs to be bought for what kind of product the user wants to produce. There are many kinds of blister machines, which are divided into automatic manual machines.
In terms of baking sheet, there are single-sided and double-sided baking sheets. Single-sided baking sheets have only one side heating device. The design of the blister machine is simpler than double-sided. Its disadvantage is that it will be used when baking sheets with poor heat transfer performance. The baking sheet is uneven and difficult to form and the scrap rate is high. But for materials with good thermal conductivity, there is no problem. The double-sided baking sheet is different. There will be obvious differences when molding materials with poor thermal conductivity.
Plastic forming machine processing technology
The advantage of manual baking sheet is that it can form sheets of different sizes and thicknesses. The forming efficiency is moderate. The number of employees is controlled according to the company's sales volume. Generally, it takes 2-10 people to form.
I don’t have to wait for a long time to be engaged in manual baking sheet, and have the ability to make manual baking sheet blister machine. The structure of automatic blister molding machine is also a little known. The general cost of manual baking sheet blister machine is about 50,000-60,000 yuan. Machine molds are not included. Employees who are more experienced in molding, including baking sheet and pulling sheet employees, need to have certain work experience. This can reduce the scrap rate, improve the production efficiency of the finished product, and reduce the cost. Manual baking sheets are generally used to form products with low accuracy.
Blister machine tightening device
Such as the interior and wheel covers of electric vehicles. It has a wide range of applications, and the number of people required for automatic blister production is high. The number of people required for forming has also been reduced, only 1-2 people are needed, but its forming size is limited, especially the double-layer baking sheet blister machine if the plate size is too large During the baking process, the plate may sink. If the plate sinks and touches the heating device below, it will cause unsuccessful molding and scrap the material.
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