Vacuum pump principle of blister machine


Vacuum pump principle of blister machine

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What is the application principle of vacuum pump for blister machine?
The vacuum pump of the blister machine is mainly used in the blister molding process. The blister material after heating and softening is attached to the blister abrasive tool by the suction force generated by the vacuum pump to form the product.
Selection of vacuum pump for blister machine: When choosing a vacuum pump for blister machine, you need to choose the vacuum pump according to the specific process. The following two main parameters are mainly used as references:
What are the selection of blister machines
1: Vacuum degree of blister machine: The so-called vacuum degree is a way of expressing the degree of air thinning, usually expressed in units such as Pa, mbar, Mba, mmHg, etc. After the blister product is formed, most of the product bubbles are caused by The vacuum is not up to the required level, which leads to defects in the product. Compared with products with deep grooves, the vacuum requirements are higher.
Blister mold technology for blister machine
2: Flow rate of the blister machine: refers to the amount of fluid that the vacuum pump pumps through the closed pipe or the effective section per unit time. M3/H, L/S, L/Min are commonly used to indicate that the vacuum flow rate is an important indicator of suction. When choosing a vacuum pump, we should pay attention to the specifications and thickness of the product to calculate how much air needs to be pumped in one hour or one minute, so as to determine how much flow of vacuum pump is needed.
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