Knowledge of using blister machinery


Knowledge of using blister machinery

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1. Operating Procedures of Blister Machine
1. Turn on the air source switch, input compressed air, and the pressure plate of the blister machine will automatically retract. According to the size of the package and the actual packaging state, adjust the air pressure to an appropriate pressure. The greater the air pressure, the faster the pressure plate is pressed down, and the pressure is also Bigger.
2. Connect the power of the blister machine to the 220V socket, turn on the main circuit of the blister machine, then place the bakelite mold on the turntable, and then connect the wires on the mold to the terminal in the middle of the turntable.
Daily maintenance and characteristics of blister machine
3. Push the rotating plate counterclockwise to check whether the automatic pressing state of the pressing plate is normal. If there is no abnormality, put the blister cover paper on the bakelite mold to start the test packaging, turn on the heating switch, and turn on the heating time system. , Adjust the current conversion system from small to large, select the appropriate heating current gear and heating time system and cooling time system according to the actual mold size, and adjust them to satisfaction.
4. The operator puts the blister part, the packaged object, and the cardboard into the bakelite mold in sequence, and rotates the mold table counterclockwise, and the blister machine automatically completes the package sealing work according to the debugged state.
5. After the work is over, turn off the main system and gas source.
2. Safety precautions
Process and characteristics of blister machine
1. Do not put your hands under the pressure plate during operation of the blister machine.
2. After the bakelite mold is energized, its appearance must be covered with a layer of thick cardboard to prevent the bakelite mold from burning out the elastic glue of the pressure plate of the blister machine.
3. The operator must receive pre-job training, and only after passing the training can he hold the job certificate.
3. Maintenance and cleaning matters
1. Clean the fuselage workbench once a day.
Automatic blister machine manufacturers
2. Refuel the pressure regulating valve lubricator once a week.
3. Add butter to the cylinder guide post once a week.
4. Carry out a comprehensive maintenance of the blister packaging machinery once a year.
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