Use knowledge of automatic blister machine


Use knowledge of automatic blister machine

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When using a fully automatic blister machine, be sure to observe the operating conditions of the machine. This is also to prevent some unnecessary safety issues from appearing, so manufacturers of automatic blister machines have some relevant knowledge to share with you:
  1. When heating the automatic equipment, please do not touch the device and work under the name, the machine will stop working, it should be raised in the hot furnace, after a few minutes, it will be operated manually.
  2. When the length of the product is less than 800mm, synchronize the action of the mold or the brake action. When the local machine, the brake should be the first priority and the mold is working.
  3. Pay attention to machinery and mechanical equipment when feeding materials manually. Therefore, in the automatic state or in the manual operation state, and at the same time, pay attention to the automatic state. It is forbidden to use hand-knife switch cabinets to avoid accidents.
  4. When entering the machine to operate, the power must be cut off first to avoid injury to the human body.
  5. The two machines working in one main post have no head and hands close to the machine to avoid accidents.
  6. When adjusting the machine to work locally, if it is necessary to modulate the power of the solenoid valve, attention should be paid to whether the power failure can cause unnecessary damage.
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