Technical parameters of blister machine


Technical parameters of blister machine

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The main structure of the blister machine is composed of feeding, drawing, upper and lower electric heating furnace, lower gate, multi-functional adjustable size, lower mold plate, upper mold, upper gate, knife gate, slicing, placing film and equipped with a vacuum device The main power source is the pneumatic device, and the pulling and feeding adopts electric motors, reducers, time relays, intermediate relays, and travel switches to form a fully automatic control system. The technical parameters of the supporting equipment of the blister machine are as follows:
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①Large tonnage, large area, high-precision distance between upper and lower plates, suitable for whole plate blanking of blister products, solving the single-piece blanking of traditional small-tonnage punches, and increasing production quantity.
②The feeding system uses computer control, fast speed and accurate transmission, which is especially suitable for the high precision requirements of upper and lower molds, reducing the traditional manual method of moving the upper mold. Save time and improve product qualification rate.
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③Bilateral feeding, two-person operation, one machine for two purposes, saving plant space and also saving your company's investment cost.
④The hydraulic system adopts high and low pressure oil pump control, with soft pressure, prolongs the life of the knife mold, and saves the cost of the knife mold. Solve the defects of traditional mechanical punching and violent punching on the damage and waste of the die.
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