Yonghengsheng blister machine: the characteristics of blister packaging machine


Yonghengsheng blister machine: the characteristics of blister packaging machine

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Today I will tell you about the characteristics of the blister packaging machine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
          feature of product:
          1. Use electric control lifting system or hydraulic lifting system to make the floating plate safe and stable, and the working pressure is strong, and the forming is more concise and convenient.
          2. The function of the inhalation system is weak, and there is no need to inhale a vacuum during the period. It can always be in an ideal negative pressure condition, which is more convenient to use.
          3. The equipment power can reach the minimum power consumption specification for the best operating conditions.
          4. The softening box is equipped with an active constant temperature control system, which can be set according to different heating requirements of the plates.
         5. The operation system adopts numerical control system operation, which effectively improves the operation efficiency of the operator.
        6. Advanced technology, can be formed by suction and cooling at one time. It can also be sucked or pressed independently according to the different functions of the light box and characters, so that the light box and characters can be formed at one time.
         Production range: various high and low acrylic
         Blister products mainly use excellent PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, flocking and other various plastic materials, positioning the blister machine to produce high-end and various standard electronic blister packaging, stationery blister packaging, toys Blister packaging, hardware blister packaging, food blister packaging, daily chemical gift technology category blister packaging. The blister packaging is of high quality and low price, which can beautify your products and attract more customers.
          According to the requirements or sample standards, the first step is to make blister molds. Under normal conditions, plaster is used to make blister packaging molds, but wood carving and metal carving products are also used as molds. After the plaster mold is manufactured, let it dry naturally. Thoroughly or dry, and then according to the specific situation of the product appearance, use 1-2 mm drill to drill many small holes in the depression that does not affect the appearance of the product packaging. If it is a product such as a packaging box, it must be nearby. Drill some small holes so that the air can be drawn out when the blister is produced. After the mold is drilled, the plaster mold must be hardened. The hardening treatment method is to soak in a thick alum plumping liquid and dry it.
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