Yonghengsheng plastic blister machine: common sense about high-speed vacuum blister machine


Yonghengsheng plastic blister machine: common sense about high-speed vacuum blister machine

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Today I will tell you the difference between packaging machine and blister machine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
          The packaging of blister machine is mainly used for convenient transportation, light weight, luxurious raw and auxiliary materials, and proper sealing performance, and relatively speaking, it meets the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging. Any special-shaped product can be packaged, and the box is not afraid of squeezing. It does not need to be filled with cushioning materials, which is convenient for sale. It is completely suitable for active and mechanized packaging, and its functions are greatly improved. Blister products are widely used in multiple industries, including electrical and electronic industries, cosmetics, toys, hardware equipment, stationery, sports, toys, daily necessities and other industries. Compared with blister machines, there are many more types of packaging machines, and products with different shapes have different classifications, such as bulk machines, liquid machines, and so on.
           Today, let’s briefly talk about the common sense of high-speed vacuum blister machine. Through more understanding, we can make better use.
            The high-speed vacuum blister machine can blister all kinds of films into different shapes of plastic covers. For example, toys, food, hardware, electronics, etc. are covered and sealed on cardboard in the form of transparent film, and then formed into tight packaging. Its characteristics mainly reflect the following aspects:
            1. First of all, we choose a straight pull tab plan. The pull tab is very fast, uniform and stable, which shortens the time of the pull tab. It is more adaptable in terms of environmental protection materials. It can also reduce power consumption and ensure product molding. quality.
            2. The blister machine has a built-in secondary vacuum, so that difficult products can be formed more easily, and the quality of the products can be improved, and then the rejection rate can be reduced.
            3. The electric furnace of the blister machine is a closed heating, so that the heating can be more uniform and the heat loss can be reduced.
             4. The blister machine is also equipped with a vibration stripping device, which is not easy to deform for some difficult products, and the stripping is relatively simple.
             5. Double-row pointed needle chain transmission, high-speed work can ensure accuracy and stability, and also equipped with width adjustable equipment, so that the machine can use film to the maximum and reduce waste.
             6. The blister machine is also equipped with water cooling equipment and high-speed cold water spray, which can speed up the molding speed and ensure the quality of the molding, so that its production speed is faster than the traditional
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