Yonghengsheng blister machine: single-head thick film blister machine equipment function


Yonghengsheng blister machine: single-head thick film blister machine equipment function

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Today in the editor I will tell you about the equipment functions of the single-head thick film blister machine? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
           1. Equipment function of single-head thick film blister machine:
           1. The flat mold condition can complete the air support heating function, so that the heating material adheres to the flat heating condition to avoid the uneven thickness of the material due to sagging.
           2. The condition of the punch can complete the function of pre-blowing (blowing forming) and reduce the stretching of the material by the mold.
           3. Back blow demoulding equipment, molds that are difficult to demold can be demolded easily, reducing the damage caused by demoulding and the invalidation of products.
           4. The secondary vacuum and vacuum time delay, according to different materials in vacuum forming, can be controlled at will.
           5. The safety interlocking maintenance function avoids damage to the machine caused by operating errors.
           6. The mold table can adjust the height at will, shorten the time of mold change, and save the manpower cost.
           7. The function of the lower die balance synchronizer can increase the service life of the equipment and reduce the rejection rate of the product.
          2. Features of single-head thick film blister machine:
          1. The function of core pulling and blowing can be selected and set by hand;
          2. The heating system is controlled one by one to make the temperature of the heating furnace more stable and even;
          3. Set the speed function, cool breeze spray water delay function.
          3. Application scope of single-head thick film blister machine:
         1. Home appliances: refrigerator liner, water dispenser liner, freezer door lining, freezer mouth, air conditioner shell, air conditioner water box, etc.; sanitary ware, portable toilet, toys
         2. Exterior and interior decorations and accessories: car/train/motor car/ship exterior and interior decorations, car suitcases, car dashboards, car front/back baffles, surfboards, passenger car air/ventilation duct
         3. Mechanical equipment and instrument shells: textile machinery shells, machinery shells, equipment shells, equipment shields, fitness equipment shells, beauty instrument shells, massage chair shells, lawn mower shells, trolley cases, suitcases;
          4. Electric car roof category: golf car roof, sightseeing car roof;
          5. Pallets: electronic instrument trays, vehicle parts bearing trays, pet cage trays, etc.
          6. Boating shell, air conditioner shell, amusement machine shell, equipment special blister shell, cover, engine parts tray, crankshaft tray, generator tray, connecting rod tray, compressor tray, transmission tray, etc.
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