Yonghengsheng blister machine: working principle of blister machine


Yonghengsheng blister machine: working principle of blister machine

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Today I will tell you about the working principle of the blister machine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
           1. The suction, pressing and all-in-one machine we produce uses the maximum integration to complete the drying oven pressing and blister machine. This model integrates the original ovens, vacuum tanks, air pressure tanks and other huge components into the large frame of the suction compressor for easy operation. The standard length and width of the equipment are 3.3*2.2 meters and 1.5*2.6 meters, respectively. Greatly save the machine's floor space and transportation costs.
           2. Compression components are made of large steel, with high strength, good rigidity, small deformation under pressure, long service life, and flat work surface.
           3. The lifting movable working surface is guided by a high-precision four-axis column, which can move stably without skewing and deformation.
           4. The hydraulic (pneumatic) system uses self-planned integrated valve blocks, active compensation function, active proofreading balance, stable lifting, compact structure, and the three types of pressure regulating systems are specially designed to be different pressures. Satisfy the need of restricting different area data. High efficiency and stable work.
           5. The oven is heated by a metal heating tube, and a reflector is used for heat reflection, which effectively improves the heating function.
           6. The oven can be heated in 2 zones. When heating small plates, only 1/2 heating tube is needed, which can save energy. The additional tube holder can be removed for trial planning, which is convenient for the repair and replacement of the heating tube.
           Seven, the oven door is controlled by a cylinder, which has strong sealing, beautiful appearance, and convenient opening and closing.
           8. Both vacuum suction and pressure flushing are controlled by a jointly planned concealed solenoid valve, which is simple and quick to operate.
           9. The equipment uses a movable table, no workers are required to enter the operation to ensure personal safety when installing the board, and there is no need to use tape to fix the mold to greatly improve work efficiency.
           10. Up and down lifting speed can be changed to reduce product damage rate
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