How to maintain the blister machine? How to maintain the blister machine? What are the ways to maintain the blister machine?


How to maintain the blister machine? How to maintain the blister machine? What are the ways to maintain the blister machine?

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Today I will tell you how to maintain the blister machine. How to maintain the blister machine? What are the ways to maintain the blister machine? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
             1. Adhere to cleanliness and clean up the surrounding debris and dirt in the machine after shutdown
             2. All sliding guide posts, bearings and sprocket must maintain excellent smooth conditions, and often add oil and smooth
            3. The water filter in the air circuit should be drained once every work shift, and the oil mist should be refueled frequently to ensure the normal operation of the solenoid valve and the cylinder
           4. Every work shift should first investigate the oil level of the vacuum pump; the vacuum pump oil should be replaced once a month
            5. Frequently investigate the oil volume of the lubricator. When adjusting the size of the oil, increase it when the new machine is effective (about 1 bottle of oil in 3 days) after one week of use, it can be reduced to ensure that the pneumatic components are satisfactory and smooth.
            Features of active continuous vacuum blister machine
             1. Control system: artificial intelligence, the system uses Siemens CPU224 host and Siemens EM222 module, and the human-machine interface uses Delta's 10.4-inch colorful touch screen. The professional operation screen corresponds to the general operation mode, which solves the upgrade control problem. The powerful memory space is equipped with interfaces including active operation, manual operation, function setting, mechanical animation, fault display, equipment documentation, safety guidelines, etc. The entire system is safe and stable.
              2. Feeding area: The feeding area is lifted by a motor, and the supporting weight can reach 200 kg. The rubber roller is used to feed the sheet. There are two large feed rods for replacing the sheet.
              3. Electric heating zone: the electric furnace is made of stainless steel, Taiwan heating tile, Japanese high temperature wire, high frequency porcelain joint, 60 heating tiles for upper furnace, 42 heating tiles for lower furnace, maximum power 40.8KW, Korean DPC digital share conditioner, one It can control and adjust the temperature, and a temperature sensor is attached to display the temperature of the electric furnace, which is convenient for handling materials. The electric furnace cylinder is driven, and the electric furnace exits out of the machine after power failure or maintenance, safe and convenient.
              4. Forming area: the forming length is not limited within 1220mm, the forming width is 470~720mm, the mold plate is aluminum alloy water-carrying type, a total of 5 pieces, independently disassembled, and the rapid vacuum tube and water pipe joints are planned to facilitate mold plate replacement. A specification of 50mm width, maximum molding height 200mm, sheet width 510~760mm, bottom mold cylinder 150×350mm, height adjustable, mold plate stroke maximum 320mm, and it is equipped with vibration demoulding, repeated demoulding blower and stripping Delay function of mold blowing. The upper mold cylinder is 125×450mm, which can adjust the stroke electrically, and is equipped with independent upper mold, upper pressure and demoulding blocking function. The lower gate and the middle gate are designed with rapid push-pull type.
             5. Chain track transmission: The chain track cover plate is made of imported 718 steel through special fine processing. The middle plate and the lower plate are finely processed by domestic excellent 45# steel, with high docking accuracy, low friction coefficient, long service life, and pull tab selection Frequency conversion control technology, cooperative encoder, input the required length, pull the film quickly and accurately.
             6. Cooling system: equipped with 10 Meiji A-100 sprinklers from Japan, 1 set of 3HP water chiller from Japan, transporting water on the mold plate, equipped with 2 powerful fans, and the air inlet of the fan is planned for the air duct to prevent suction Loop hot air.
              7. Receiving area: Receiving box is designed to be movable, hand-cranked gear drive, pneumatic pressing and unloading, fine screw drive and slicing.
             8. Vacuum system: Germany Lichle or Pushu vacuum pump, power 4kw, pumping speed is 150-160m3 per hour, vacuum cylinder is 0.25m3.
            9. All functions: secondary vacuum function, vacuum delay function, upper mold buffer function, upper mold electric conditioning function, lower mold electric conditioning function, repeated blowback function, repeated mold release function, shift production metering function, secondary mold loading Function, upper mold blocking function, delayed water spray function, delayed blowing function, blowing blocking function, secondary independent upper mold function, automatic exit function of the heating furnace after power failure, middle and lower gate push-pull adjustment function, motor feeding setting function, bottom air delay function.
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