Yonghengsheng Blister Machine: Safety and Operation Process of Blister Machine


Yonghengsheng Blister Machine: Safety and Operation Process of Blister Machine

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Today I will tell you about the safety and operation process of the blister machine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
          Preparation before starting the blister machine
          Wear the safety protective clothing according to the workshop rules before going to work.
          Organize the surrounding environment of the equipment, and do not store any items unrelated to production.
           Clean up the debris inside and outside the workbench and equipment, wipe the blister mold with clean cotton yarn to remove the oil on the mold surface.
           Before starting the machine, carefully check the power supply, control system, and heating system of the blister machine to see if it is normal, add lubricating oil as required, press the (rotary) button to see if it is in a precise position, and start as required for trial operation.
          Precisely install the mold on the blister machine.
          Check whether the original information meets the requirements of the machine.
          When the raw materials need to be dried, they should be dried first in the oven according to the regulations.
          Set the required temperature according to the thickness of the processed data, and preheat the mold.
          Check if the feeder is actively rolling
          Turn on the blister machine
           Press the main power button, then turn on the electric heating switch to preheat, and adjust the heating according to the record of the best condition of the same product to prevent the waste of data;
           Adjust the heating time, vacuum time, cooling time, and blowing time of each product; press in the compression power supply, adjust the pressure to an appropriate value, and check whether the components are normal;
           Put each component in the initial position, turn the switch to the active gear, and run it for 2-3 times with no load to check whether each program operation is normal;
           After the empty pump of the real cup lid machine is started, the machine is automatically idling, and after the lower cylinder rises, you can hear the vacuum suction sound or see the vacuum needle returning, indicating that the vacuum system is normal;
           Adjust the switch to manual, and manually adjust each action one by one to see if it is normal or not, and adjust it to normal;
           No items are allowed under the electric furnace box;
           Place the sheet in the mold manually, seal the nearby cupping machine, turn on the press switch, use the press frame to press the film, and adjust the heating time.
           Press the electric furnace heating button to move the electric furnace to the working position, perform heating, and investigate the heating condition to make the best product under the best condition. After heating, the electric furnace automatically returns to the empty position, press the active start, this time Actively complete the upper mold, lower mold, heating, vacuuming, blowing cold air, and demolding.
           When the material temperature and mold temperature reach the predetermined parameters (requirements), you can check whether there are impurities and impurities in the mold when loading and unloading. It is forbidden for hard objects and metal objects to enter the mold.
           Carry out pre-processing, investigate the deformation of the data, and adjust the parameters according to it until it is lubricated and gloriously uniform and meets the requirements.
           After acknowledging that the parts are normal, the data can be officially released and normal production can be carried out;
           Be aware of changes in temperature and pressure at any time during the operation. If abnormal conditions are found, the blister molding machine should be shut down, and the power supply should be closed and repaired by a mechanic, and used after recovery.
           When abnormal noise, odor, sparks, oil leakage and other abnormal conditions are found during the operation of the machine tool, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the relevant personnel should be stated immediately, and the failure situation and possible factors should be explained.
           Pay attention to safe operation, do not allow any reason or excuse to make operation methods that may cause personal injury or damage the equipment.
           Downtime considerations
            After the production is over, the electric furnace power supply, temperature control box power supply, and general power supply must be sealed separately.
            Close the cooling water pipeline, turn the switches to the "off" position, and close the main power switch of the machine tool when the last shift of the holiday stops.
            Clean up the machine tools, workbenches and ground debris, oil and dust, and keep the working place clean and tidy.
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