Yonghengsheng Blister Machine: Detailed information about the automatic vacuum blister machine


Yonghengsheng Blister Machine: Detailed information about the automatic vacuum blister machine

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Today in the editor, I will tell you about the detailed information about the automatic vacuum blister machine? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
           The main structure of the automatic blister machine is composed of feeding, drawing, upper and lower electric heating furnace, lower gate, multi-functional adjustable scale, lower mold plate, upper mold, upper gate, knife gate, slicing, placing film and matching Vacuum equipment and other components; pneumatic equipment is the main power source, and the pull and feed are electric, reducer, time relay, central relay of blister molding machine, travel switch and other electrical appliances to form a fully automatic control system. The requirements for the control system of the blister machine are to ensure convenient operation, high precision of mechanical action and temperature control, short production time, and save the power consumption of the machine as much as possible under equal production conditions.
           Equipment composition and operation method of automatic vacuum blister machine:
           Pulling film system of blister machine: variable frequency motor feeding film, high torque, high precision, arbitrary adjustment of speed and length. The pull-tab transmission is composed of imported light flat aluminum girder transportation track and double-row chain transmission equipment, with low friction coefficient and no vibration.
           The heating system of the automatic blister machine: the heating furnace adopts ceramic infrared heating bricks to heat, and the temperature controller is used to control the heating bricks one-to-one. The uneven temperature of each heating brick can be adjusted at will, so that the temperature of the furnace area is more uniform and reasonable. Greatly improve production efficiency.
           Temperature control system for sheet blister machine: one-to-one stepless temperature control or digital display numerical control
          Automatic blister machine cooling system: The cooling system is composed of a cold water mold plate and a strong cool breeze. The cool breeze equipment is equipped with a cool breeze brake device to reduce the residual air when the cool breeze work is completed.
          Vacuum system of automatic high-speed blister machine: equipped with complete vacuum equipment, including vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, vacuum storage tank, vacuum valve, real air conditioning valve, back blow and demoulding, etc.
          Fully automatic blister molding system: The lower mold uses an enlarged rod Φ90mm cylinder, and the shaft sleeve is equipped with an oil-containing self-lubricating bearing, reducing the friction coefficient to make the upper and lower molds work smoothly, and can be assembled with cold water molds.
          Features of automatic vacuum blister machine:
          1. The variable frequency motor pulls the film, the speed is very fast, and the impact is small;
          2. Digitally adjust the length of the pull tab, convenient and accurate;
          3. Manually adjust the width, stainless steel grinding disc;
          4. Adjust the middle gate, central adjustment, oil-free self-sliding bearing planning;
          5. Planning of combined mold plate, easy-change middle gate and closing gate;
          6. The electric furnace adopts fully enclosed and horizontal push plan;
          7. Use exclusive pushable mold rack, safe, college and convenient;
          8. Some secondary stabilization equipment for pneumatic;
          9. Exclusive digital thousand-speed temperature adjustment;
          10. Aluminum alloy chain rail, low friction coefficient, uniform pull tab, plus stainless steel wear-resistant frame, quick and easy width adjustment system;
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