Yonghengsheng blister machine: the position of thick film blister machine is gradually stable in China


Yonghengsheng blister machine: the position of thick film blister machine is gradually stable in China

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Today in the editor, I will tell you about the gradual stability of thick film blister machines in China? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it like this, so let me follow the editor of Shenzhen Yonghengsheng Blister Machine.
           Thick sheet blister machine is the slower one among all plastic machinery varieties. Today, with the rapid development of the plastics industry, the application range of thick film machines is expanding day by day, and its technology is becoming more and more obvious in all plastic molding equipment industries.
           In the past, most users of blister machines used imported machinery such as Taiwan for production, and their energy saving, production power, and height were once the bottleneck for the development of thick-film blister machines. Especially in today's rapid development of electric cars, energy-saving, lightweight and diverse styles, the development and use of thick blister parts has gradually increased, and the potential market for blister parts has continued to expand. 100 million yuan in output. However, the requirements for thick film blister technology and subsequent processing have become more and more systematic and standard.
  The thick sheet blister molding machine has the ability to form large-scale plastic products with complex appearance and inaccurate size requirements at one time. In some aspects, it can replace injection molding, FRP, metal casing and so on. The blister mold has the advantages of low production cost and short development cycle, and its cost is only 1/10 to 1/20 of the injection mold. It is gradually widely used in various areas of everyday life such as car exterior and interior decoration, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, household appliances, cultural and educational sanitary ware, sports goods, etc.
         Thick sheet blister machine is now a small branch of China's plastic machinery, and its level is far away from industrialized countries. In terms of most of the styles of large-scale, various special and dedicated thick sheet blister forming machines, some products are still blank, which is the primary distance from industrialized countries. In the near future, trust the domestic thick sheet blister forming machine to develop new equipment suitable for different users on the basis of learning foreign equipment, and continue to narrow the distance with developed countries.
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