Introduction to the operation process of vacuum blister machine


Introduction to the operation process of vacuum blister machine

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Operation Rules of Vacuum Forming Machine
1. Start-up preparation
1. First check whether the moving parts are in their original positions.
 2. The oil surface of the vacuum pump must be at the center line of the sight glass. When it is insufficient, add vacuum oil.
3. Refuel with a lubricator and add proper amount of lubricating oil to moving parts such as the guide pillar, cylinder shaft, etc.
4. Check the compressor oil level, if it is not enough to fill, turn on the circulating water switch.
 5. Press the three-phase power supply, check the running direction of the vacuum pump or compressor, and confirm that it is correct before it can be started officially.
 6. Press the main power button, and then turn on the electric heating switch to preheat. The heating is adjusted according to the record of the best state of the same product to avoid wasting materials.
 7. Adjust the heating time, cooling time, vacuum time, vacuum delay, mold loading time, demolding time, delay blowing, core pulling, and second mold loading time for each product.
8. Push in the compression power supply, adjust the pressure to about 0.6-0.8Mpa, and check whether the parts move normally.
 9. Put each part in the original position, turn the switch to automatic, and run it for 3 minutes to check whether the program is working properly.
 10. After the vacuum pump is started, it will automatically dry run through the machine. After the lower cylinder rises, you will hear the vacuum suction sound or see the vacuum pointer back, indicating that the vacuum system is normal.
 11. After confirming that the components are normal, the materials can be officially released and normal production can be carried out.
 12. Set the switch to manual, and manually debug each action one by one to see if it is normal.
 13. Put the material on the feeding rack, discharge the mold in the lower cavity, seal around, turn on the press switch, pull the film out of the press frame, turn off the press switch, use the press frame to press the film, adjust heating time. Push the electric furnace to the working position, heat it, and observe the heating conditions to make the best product in the best state. After heating, the alarm will start (if the heating is not enough, the secondary heating can be carried out), and the electric furnace will be pushed to the empty position or On the other mold frame, start the upper and lower molds, turn on the vacuum, turn on the cold air, turn on the water spray, the mold release switch, and the press switch to pull the product out.
      14. For automatic operation, turn all the switches to be used to automatic. When the heating time is up, return the electric furnace to the empty position, press automatic start, the machine will automatically complete the upper mold, lower mold, vacuum, cold air, and demold .
2. Shut down
 1. Turn off the heating power.
 2. Turn off the compressor and vacuum pump power supply.
3. Exhaust the vacuum of the vacuum box.
4. Turn off the main switch power supply.
 5. Cover the mold with defective products to avoid damage to the mold

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