What are the characteristics of the vacuum forming machine?


What are the characteristics of the vacuum forming machine?

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The use of high-speed blister machinery in ancient times has become the popularization and use of the precision machinery industry, and the advertising effect produced often makes people reach the level of ice. In the operation of high-speed blister machinery, the thick glue machine mainly adopts electric lifting or hydraulic lifting system, the floating plate is stable, the pressure fluctuation is large, the mission is clear, and the shape is more concise and faster. The function of the suction sheet is very weak, no vacuum is required during the period, and it can continuously form a negative pressure shape, which is convenient to use. The lowest power consumption standard and power supply to achieve the best task status. The hardening box is equipped with a positive constant temperature tube bundle, which can be set according to the different heating requirements of the plate. The use of fine numerical control chips for fine fraud is conducive to improving the control of workers' compliance with work. The high-speed blister machine has superb technology and can be pressurized and cooled to form. It can also be formed into a light box according to the word frame, without acting alone, to form a word. So it provides a lot of convenience for the production in the field of brand promotion.
The quality of the product produced by a mold plastic mold saves labor and materials. The acrylic plate is directly placed in the mold of the machine, and the mold is heated, softened, packaged, cooled, and forced to form.
2 Produced from the mold making the finished product limit Yin and Yang without light or pressure traces. The margin is oily and barren, with a strong three-dimensional effect. 3 The mold positioning is simple and accurate, can be used as ultra-fine printing, no products, high degree of automation:
4-Automatic constant temperature heating and sealing-automatic blister-automatic cooling-automatic temperature stop blister.
      The specifications and dimensions of the high-speed blister machine can be customized according to customer needs.
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