Steps and precautions for starting the vacuum forming machine


Steps and precautions for starting the vacuum forming machine

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Preparation and precautions before starting the vacuum forming machine
          Today, the editor of this website will introduce to you the safe operation specifications of the vacuum blister machine, as well as a few things that need to be paid attention to before starting up. I hope you can gain something!
        1. Check whether the water, electricity, gas, oil, etc. are supplied normally before starting the machine! (Note: After turning off the main power supply, you must wait at least 30 seconds before turning on the main power supply, otherwise the computer may be burnt out.) The working voltage is 370~400V, and the working air pressure is 0.6~0.8Mpa. )
        2. Open mold temperature controller, heater and vacuum pump. (Note: When turning on the mold temperature controller, you should boil water first to avoid damage to the equipment.)
        3. After starting the machine, carefully check whether the control system, heating system, and safety protection devices are normal and effective. (Note: It is forbidden for equipment to be sick and to work when safety protection devices fail.)
        4. Check whether the water supply protection system is normal. (Note: Inspection method: turn off the water inlet valve, the computer should report to the alarm, otherwise it means that the water inlet protection is invalid, and it should be repaired immediately.)
        5. Before starting production, you should carefully measure the size of the plate (length, width, thickness), and carefully adjust the size of each part of the equipment according to the size of the plate, and then set the plate size on the computer.
        6. Set the required temperature to preheat the mold and heating tile according to the process requirements. When the temperature of the mold and the heating tile reaches the predetermined parameters (requirements) of the process, the material can be loaded for production.
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