Common faults and solutions of vacuum blister machine


Common faults and solutions of vacuum blister machine

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We will inevitably encounter some failures when using the vacuum blister machine, so today I will introduce to you the common faults and solutions of the vacuum blister machine, I hope it will help you!
    1. The machine does not start: the input wire is blocked, the power wire is connected reversely, and the voltage is not enough
2. Insufficient suction film: insufficient vacuum, air leakage, insufficient temperature, film too thin, workpiece pasted with other materials, the concave depth of the workpiece exceeds the film lift, the suction time is too short, the film does not lift, the distance between the workpiece Too close.
   3. The working vacuum cannot be increased: the air circuit is blocked, the hand valve or solenoid valve is not closed, the vacuum pump motor belt is loose, and the vacuum gauge is damaged
   Fourth, temperature measurement is not accurate: thermocouple, temperature controller. Whether the installation is incorrect and damaged
  5. The surface of the overlaid work piece is folded and not smooth or the corners are not covered: the film is not straightened, the film quality is not good, the work piece is not polished, too much glue is sprayed, and the template under the work piece is too low
  6. ​​The main power switch trips: the input wire on the top of the heating box is leaking, the distribution box is leaking, the external wires are tied to the equipment, the motor is leaking, etc.
   Seven. When the film is not sucked up, the film is pulled up downwards: Whether the solenoid valve or the hand valve is open.
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