Ten characteristics of automatic vacuum forming machine


Ten characteristics of automatic vacuum forming machine

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Ten characteristics of automatic vacuum forming machine:
  1. Control system: The central integrated control system enables fully automatic and continuous blister forming work such as feeding → heating → blister → cooling → stripping → cutting. Imported components are used to improve the control performance of the whole machine, especially to ensure the quality and quality of the whole machine;
  2. Temperature control system: using far-infrared ceramic heating bricks, independent control switches, uniform temperature control, built-in insulation materials to minimize heat loss, significant energy saving, and power saving 40% higher than ordinary machines;
   3. Feeding transmission system: It adopts Japanese server and frequency conversion technology to electrically control the pull tab, with strong horsepower and accurate length of the pull tab (accurate to ±1mm), combined with needle chain transmission; high-speed operation can still ensure its accuracy and stability. There is a width adjustable device to minimize the width of the clip, so that the machine can maximize the use of the film and reduce waste. Can adapt to the processing technology of different raw materials;
  4. Cold air system: equipped with water chiller and spray air cooling system rapid cooling device, no vibration and residual air, speed up the production speed;
    5. Vibration demoulding: It can be adjusted between 0-9 times. The two upper molds can protect the molded product from deformation and cracks during demolding; this machine is the best choice for products that are easy to be brittle and difficult to demold. ;
    6. Early warning system: equipped with product quantity setting device, full board alarm device, suitable for batch products or production statistics for each roll of film;
    7. Electric furnace control: the electric furnace is made of stainless steel, to avoid the production of iron plates of similar models, which will cause iron oxide to fall on the sheet under the action of high temperature and cause the product to be scrapped;
    8. Automatic slicing: The reciprocating slicing blade is driven by a rodless cylinder, and the slicing is easy without vibration. Electric synchronous adjustment of the upper die;
    9. Secondary vacuum: The built-in secondary vacuum makes it easier to form difficult products, reduces the rejection rate and improves product quality;
  10. Control mode: manual and automatic dual-purpose optional, electric synchronous adjustment of upper mold, trial mold, mass production free conversion, easy operation; guarantee molding quality and improve product quality
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