6 precautions for using vacuum blister machine


6 precautions for using vacuum blister machine

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Presumably everyone knows about vacuum blister machines, so what should we pay attention to when using vacuum blister machines? The following editor will introduce you to the 6 precautions for using the vacuum blister machine:
6 precautions for using vacuum blister machine
1. The power must be cut off when the hand reaches under the guide rail for operation, and there should be no accidental power on;
2. When the machine is using the secondary punching function, please do not reach into the molding area to touch the product being cooled to prevent crushing your hands when the second punching is done;
3. In the heating zone, please do not touch the heating device and baking items with your hands. The heating furnace should be raised when the machine is shut down;
4. When the length of the product is less than 800mm, the shutter and mold movements must be synchronized. When the machine is adjusted locally, the gate should be opened first, and then the upper mold should be opened;
5. When adjusting the machine locally, if the solenoid valve is energized for debugging, pay attention to whether it will cause injury due to power failure;
6. When receiving the material by hand and feeding into the knife gate and adjusting the slicing position, the knife gate should be closed, and the hand should not be inserted into the knife gate cabinet in the automatic state.
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