What are the blister molds? How to choose a blister mold for a blister machine


What are the blister molds? How to choose a blister mold for a blister machine

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Presumably everyone is not very familiar with blister molds, so how should we choose blister molds? What types of blister molds can generally be classified? Today, the editor of this website will give you a detailed answer:
There are generally three types of blister molds: plaster mold, electroplated copper mold and aluminum mold.  
Plaster mold: Use plaster to engrave and shape it in a semi-wet state, and then dry it to form a mold. The cost of plaster mold is low and easy to modify, but the precision of plaster mold is not high enough, the surface is not smooth, it is fragile and not durable, so it is often used to beat Pretend to be the type of electroplating copper mold or some blister molds that are not demanding and small batch production.  
Aluminum mold: made of aluminum ingots through machinery (lathe, milling machine, CNC, etc.). Aluminum molds have high precision, smooth surface and durable, but they are very expensive. Aluminum molds are generally used for blister products that require higher precision and copper molds cannot reach.  
Electroplating copper mold: After making the sample with plaster mold, electroplating a layer of copper shell is the electroplating copper mold. The cost is higher than that of plaster mold, but it is much cheaper than aluminum mold. Because of its smooth and durable surface, low cost, electroplating Copper mold is the most commonly used blister mold.
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