The characteristics of the automatic vacuum blister machine, what are the advantages of the automatic vacuum blister machine


The characteristics of the automatic vacuum blister machine, what are the advantages of the automatic vacuum blister machine

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Six features and advantages of the fully automatic vacuum blister machine:
1. Full-automatic vacuum blister machine pull sheet system: variable frequency motor pull sheet, large torque, high precision, speed and length can be adjusted arbitrarily. The pull-tab conveying is composed of imported aluminum beam conveying track and double-row chain conveying device. Aluminum alloy chain rail, low friction coefficient and no vibration, plus stainless steel wear-resistant frame, fast and easy width adjustment system.
2. The automatic high-speed blister machine is mainly composed of automatic feeding system, automatic pulling system, automatic heating system, cooling system, vacuum system, molding system, automatic stacking system, and operation interface control system. Pneumatic device is the main power source, and each system is composed of original genuine electrical components to form a fully automatic control system. Convenient operation, high precision of mechanical action and temperature control, high efficiency, and save the power consumption of machinery as much as possible under the same production conditions.
3. Fully automatic blister heating system: the heating furnace adopts ceramic infrared heating bricks for heating, and uses a temperature controller to control the heating bricks one-to-one. The high and low temperatures of each heating brick can be adjusted at will, so that the temperature of the furnace area is more uniform and reasonable , Thereby greatly improving production efficiency.
4. Fully automatic blister cooling system: The cooling system is composed of a cold water mold plate, a brand-name cold water nozzle and a powerful air cooler. The cold air device is equipped with a cold air brake device to reduce residual air when the cold air work is completed.
5. Vacuum system: equipped with a complete vacuum device including vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, vacuum storage tank, vacuum valve, vacuum regulating valve, back blow and demoulding, etc.
6. The operation interface control system of the vacuum blister machine: the installation position is reasonable, the function is complete, and the operation is simple and easy to understand. New employees are easier to get started and can use it quickly.
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