What is the difference between cupping machine and blister machine?


What is the difference between cupping machine and blister machine?

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Cup beating machine introduction: general radiant heating combined with contact heating; positive pressure blow molding combined with vacuum molding; generally there is a metal auxiliary temperature regulating plunger (upper mold); during molding, the edge is sealed, stretched and blown Complete in one mold;
The cupping machine has high production efficiency and is suitable for the automatic production of cups and dishes with uniform wall thickness required for large stretching. It is highly professional; the size of the mold is small and the number of fixed cavities is small. The mold is generally made of steel and expensive; the equipment is generally pneumatic and hydraulic There are more electric combinations;
Introduction of blister machine: It has strong versatility and generally uses radiant heating; there are few auxiliary positive pressure blow-up moldings. Generally, vacuum blister molding can complete most of the shells and cups and bowls; the versatility is better; the mold can Use plaster, resin, aluminum alloy steel; lower mold cost, mold area can be larger, easy to adjust; but generally without synchronous cutting, it needs matching cutting equipment to punch the product;
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